Youth Services “Librarian”

Wina Mortenson is our Youth Services coordinator.  Wina has lived in Galesville since December of 2004, and began working at the library in July of 2006. She moved into the Youth Services position in September of 2007.


The Galesville Public Library offers Storytime on Fridays at 10:15 a.m when school is in session. Storytime is intended for children aged almost 3 to 5 years old, and their families or care providers.  We have lots of fun at Storytime; reading books, singing songs, doing fingerplays, and a craft. Sometimes we even have a treat!  Storytime is a great help with brain development and getting ready to read. Please come ready to participate withe the children!

Fishing For Fun

We have a “Fishing For Fun” backpack at our library!  The Galesville Trout Club provided the entire funding for this backpack full of enjoyment. The backpack has an aquatic theme with hands-on activities relating to fishing, freshwater mussels, aquatic invertebrates, and just spending time near water bodies.  This backpack can be checked out for 3 weeks, just like a book! The backpack includes: Telescopic fishing pole, tackle box and tackle, fish identification cards, maps for fishing spots, fishing guide, aquatic invertebrate nets, invertebrate collection tips, magnifying glasses, mussel shells, mussel identification book, Russell the Mussel book, scavenger hunts, Secchi disk, natural resources journal, plus much more! To check this item out, ask at the front desk.

Fishing for Fun backpacks, available at many area libraries, are provided, assembled and maintained by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and The Friends of the Upper Mississippi Fishery Service.

Summer Library Program/Summer Learning Program (SLPx2!)

Every summer we have a great SLPx2 program for kids ages 3-11 and their families/caregivers. It’s great to read over the summer, and SLPx2 makes it even more fun!  Volunteers for SLPx2 are always needed and appreciated.  If you are an adult or a child who has completed 6th grade or older, please ask a library staff person about how to help out!  Click here to go to the SLPx2 page.


1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Sharing books and stories is so important to your child’s brain development, and children who are read to at an early age are more successful in school.  Join our “1,000 Books” program, to reach this very achievable goal in a fun way!  Click here to go the the 1,000 Books B4 K page.