“Adventures in Laughter”
at Galesville Elementary!
(due to high winds)

Thursday, June 6

@ 1:30

Kenny Ahern
Family Entertainer

Kenny presents a comedy show
filled with surprising physical comedy
that will have you laughing AND amazed!
What can he stand on?
What can he balance?
You don’t want to miss it!
There’s lot of fun with volunteers
from the audience, too!

We’ll be sitting on the grass,
so you might want to have a
blanket, towel, or lawn chair.

Sign up for SLP, get your bag of swag,
check out books, and get started!
(There will be a variety of books at the park
during the event, or stop at the library.)

Can’t make it to the Kickoff?
Sign up for SLP at the library anytime
after June 6 and get your bag of swag!


Adventure Afternoon:

Adventures In Glitter!

 Thursday, June 27

Drop in anytime from 2:00-5:30

If the weather is nice, we’ll be outside on the library sidewalk.
Otherwise it will be in the Community Room.
We will help you create firework art —
and you can make one of your own design!