Join us on the online platform called Beanstack!
It’s designed to engage ALL ages in
exploring new ideas, books, & activities.
(Provided by a grant from the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction.)
As you log reading and engage in the activities,
you are eligible to get virtual “badges” and win prizes!
(Currently, the prizes are only for ages 3-11.
If we get a few readers 12-18, we can add prizes.)
Remember, your reading raises money for
Galesville Community Summer Lunch!
Registration is open June 5.
Beginning June 15, you can start logging your reading time

and participate in the activities located exclusively in Beanstack.
Track your progress through the Beanstack app or website.
Register the whole family, or an individual.
Every time you attend one of our events,
log that on Beanstack to get a badge, too!
The more badges you have, the more chances
are entered in the prize drawing (ages 3-11).
Winners will be called on August 14.
Register now at to use the web version
or use the Beanstack Tracker mobile app!

Already used Beanstack before? Just sign in and click on
“All Together Now” to get started!

If the online experience isn’t right for your family,
we will be happy to offer you the paper reading logs!

More Beanstack details:
There’s a timer option, to time your reading.
You can write book reviews.
When you reach reading milestones,
Beanstack notifies you to pick up a gift from the library.
1 hour:  book of your choice
8 hours:  Brag Tag or bookmark
16 hours:  stickers (ages 3-11) paper notepad (12+)
24 hours: choose stickers, bookmark, or Brag Tag
If you include the book titles as you read,
you will get to see them all in your Challenge Log (it’s very cool).
Beanstack keeps track of your reading streaks.
Learn more with this short instructional video:
Streaks & Achievements
You can also do Beanstack together with friends.
Here’s a 3 min. video about that: Friends
(Our library is not using Leaderboards,
so disregard that portion of the video.)
Getting badges and achievements
is a quick little rush of good feelings,
as you see them appear in full color with a
little phrase of encouragement from Beanstack.
If you have very young children signed up
who can’t use Beanstack on their own,
it will be fun for them to watch as you log
their reading and activities–when possible
: )
Join us on the adventure!
If you need help with Beanstack
or want to know more about its features,
ask Wina for assistance!
(See her at the library, or send an email anytime.)