The library would like to accommodate your needs.  Let us know if we can help you in any way.

  • The entrance to the library has an automatic door.  An LSTA* Grant brought the automatic door to our library.
  • There is a walker with a basket available for patrons to use, purchased with an LSTA Grant.
  • One internet station is designed for those with vision difficulties, purchased with an LSTA Grant.
  • Magnifying glasses and a full spectrum reading lamp are available, purchased with an LSTA Grant. A few pairs of reading glasses are available for use, as well, donated by Linda Skwierawski.
  • There are large print books as well as three different formats of audiobook in our collection (CD, Playaway, and downloadable).
  • Our staff can assist you in downloading on-line books.
  • Our staff can assist you with your e-reader (we will do our best).
  • The library may be able to arrange delivery to the homebound.
  • Service animals are welcome in the library.
  • Hearing Loops at the desk:  A hearing loop uses induction technology to transmit sound from a public address system’s microphone directly and wirelessly to a hearing aid’s built in receiver, while also reducing background noise. An LSTA Grant brought the hearing loop technology to our library.
  • Desktop Magnifier for low vision patrons, magnifies anything up to 82x.  This unit belonged to Ethel Abel, and was donated to the library by Kate Hardt.

*Library Services and Technology Act