The staff of the Galesville Public Library is dedicated to providing high quality library services to Galesville and the surrounding areas.  Galesville is a city of approximately 1500, located in Trempealeau County, about 20 miles north of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Requesting Library Items–Books and More!

Libraries are associated in people’s minds with traditional books, printed on paper. We DO have and love traditional books, fiction and non-fiction, for babies, children, teens and adults.  We also offer many other library items for check-out: audiobooks, DVD’s, music CD’s, magazines, and graphic novels.  Downloadable audiobooks and eBooks are available through our library system as well.

The Galesville Public Library belongs to the Winding Rivers Library System and the WRLSWEB consortium.  WRLSWEB (pronounced “wirls web”) is the shared catalog of 29 member libraries.

  • Patrons can request items from the full WRLSWEB catalog to be sent to the Galesville Library for pick-up.
  • Items are delivered four times a week; on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  You will be notified automatically when your items arrive.
  • You can make requests from your home or office computer using the search box at the top left, or ask a library staff person to make a request for you.
  • If you cannot find an item you’re looking for, the library staff can search beyond the shared system catalog, in WISCAT, which allows us to search all catalogs in Wisconsin.
  • The loan period for books, audiobooks, and music is 3 weeks.  DVD’s and magazines are one week.
  • An item can be renewed three times if  no one else has requested it.  If another patron is waiting, your item cannot be renewed.


We strive to meet your needs. Click here for information.

Library Card

  • Your library card works at all the libraries in the WRLS system, which encompasses seven Wisconsin counties in our region.
  • Library cards are free.  Stop by and fill out the short registration form.  You will need a photo I.D. and proof of current address, or you may have another patron vouch for you.
  • Children under 16 must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form in order to get a library card.
  • If your old library card has a barcode beginning with “A”, please stop by the library to get a new card.


  • The Galesville Public Library has four computers for public use. You will need your library card to sign in, or ask for a guest pass.
  • One of our computers is especially good for those with visual impairments–it has a large print keyboard and larger monitor screen.
  • All four computers are connected to a printer, so that users can print from the internet or print documents created on the computer.  The library charges 15 cents per page for a black and white copy, and 50 cents per color copy.
  • If others are waiting to use a computer, there is a time limit of 60 minutes. Otherwise there is a two hour limit. If you need more time, just ask one of the library staff.
  • When using computers, please use the hand sanitizer provided.
  • We have headphones for patrons to use while listening to audio.


  • Please ask the library staff if you need help operating the copier.
  • Copies can be made in black and white, or color. Two-sided copying is available.
  • The library charges 15 cents per page for a black and white copy, and 50 cents per page for a color copy.   A two-sided copy is considered TWO copies.
  • The library does not have a fax machine.
  • Our copier can also scan a document to your email address.

Arrowhead Collection

The library has a beautiful collection of arrowheads and other ancient tools used by the native people of this area. J. O. Beadle collected and donated these artifacts.  Mr. Beadle recorded a cassette tape describing the items in the collection.  The tape is available for patrons to listen to while they view the collection.

David Beadle 2014

J. O.’s son, David, takes a look at the collection.

Community Room

Our library shares the building with the City of Galesville Community Room.  This room is used for City Council meetings, Library Board meetings and Book Club, voting and other functions.  If you would like to reserve this room, call the Galesville City Office at 608-582-2475.